Saturday, April 19, 2008

Contributing to the family Blog...

Thanks Aunt Carrie for your updates and reminders on this blog. I have trouble keeping up with my main blog and don't get to this one much. Just a reminder to all family members that don't currently have permission as contributors to add posts that you need to contact me in order to be added as a contributor (you can still add comments though with a Google account). Probably the easiest way to contact me if you don't have my email would be to post a comment on my other blog: . Any new comments are emailed to me. Otherwise there are several relatives with my email address that can forward a message to me: Ross (my dad), Carrie, Christine, Janis and a couple others.
Here's some picture updates of my little group: me, Bryan and our son Sean. Sorry, it was a no make-up day today. the baby on the way is Sara Louise due June 14th.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sign up for a Google Account

Here is a link to create a Google account that will allow you to comment on post here and to sign up to post on this blog. Try this link or look right under the place you enter your name when commenting, there should be a link to sign up.